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Our Process

Turn – Key Installation Program

Our sales and design staff must first satisfy the standard and the upgrade layouts for your project.  Once this is completed and the contracts are ready to sign, we begin the tracking process.

Tracking, Measuring and Ordering

A field manager, kitchen processor, and service coordinator are assigned to your project.  Master layout books are prepared for out kitchen processor, filed manager, and builder superintendant.  Once the first foundation has begun, a status report is started and the job is tracked weekly, at minimum.  As each house progresses through the stages of construction, our kitchen processor continually collects selections and prepares layouts for the measurement packs.  Each house is measured once framing is completed.

When the house is just about ready to measure, the field manager requests a measurement pack. This measurement pack includes layouts for each location that needs to be measured in the home, as well as any pertinent information. At the time of measurement, if any framing issues are discovered, they will be reported to the job site superintendent and a frame check verification sheet will be completed.  A copy of the frame check verification sheet will be used by the superintendent to reference and correct any problems. The measure packet will, then, be released to our office for the next step.

If building schedules are not available, our field manager will be asked to get an estimated install date.  We base our ordering on the vendor lead times and estimated install date so that your products are ready when you need them.   With many of our manufacturers, we use electronic ordering to reduce costly errors and ensure on-time deliveries.

Receiving, Scheduling and Shipping

As the order is received in our warehouse, we check for any back ordered items and the cabinets are checked for damage.  Once these checks are completed, your cabinets are placed in a dedicated bin assigned to your lot number. Installation dates are confirmed by our installation coordinator one week prior to installation.

Cabinets and countertops are delivered into the house 24 hours prior to installation. On the day of installation, the installer takes inventory of the products to ensure they have all been delivered. If anything is missing, it is immediately reported to the office.


Once the installation is complete, all boxes are broken down and all counter tops are covered with cardboard and secured with tape. The installer completes a checklist to identify any damages, field issues, etc. that may have come up during the install. This checklist ensures that the job is only complete after knobs are installed, countertops are covered, and trash and boxes have been removed, etc.  

Quality Inspection and Service

A quality inspection is performed by our field manager within 24 to 48 hours of installation. A standardized quality inspection form is completed and submitted to our installation coordinator instantly. A copy can be emailed to the builder’s site superintendent and any other employees designated by the builder. Any special order replacement parts are ordered that day and all stock parts are checked. Finally, an initial punch date is scheduled.

Service will be completed on any stock items within 5 to 7 business days and a follow up service date will be scheduled to complete any special order materials. The field manager or senior service tech will conduct a second quality inspection to ensure the punch list has been completed to your satisfaction.