IceStone Countertops

IceStone durable surfaces are a highly versatile concrete product that is a non-toxic, green, and sustainable alternative to mined or engineered stone.

IceStone surfaces do not contain any resins or plastics, and will not fade with exposure to direct sunlight or UV rays.

IceStone surfaces are used for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathrooms, tabletops, conference tables, reception areas, transaction areas, bar tops, outdoor kitchens and any other surface where stone could be used.

IceStone surfaces are created from 100% recycled glass that is mixed with cement to create a highly durable and aesthetically beautiful surface that is considered a high performance concrete product. IceStone is twice the strength of marble and has a long product life cycle. IceStone surfaces come in a wide variety of colors including neutrals, earth tones, vibrant and playful hues that are suitable for both commercial and residential installations. Custom colors can be created for large commercial projects.

Mid South offers you IceStone concrete countertops at our locations in Virginia and Pennsylvania: Springfield, VACharlottesville, VA, Fredericksburg, VAFishersville, VA, Richmond, VA, Winchester, VA, and Camp Hill, PA. Call us or fill out the form on our contact page to set up your appointment with one of our qualified kitchen and bath designers to remodel or design your new kitchen or bathroom.

IceStone Countertops

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