Insulated Super Polymer Vinyl Siding

Do you live in a climate where your home may experience extreme temperatures or weather?Consider cladding your home's exterior with the #1 Rated* CedarMAX insulated siding.

*#1 Rating based on a leading consumer-focused resource

Tested and proven to increase the R-value of an exterior wall, CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding is one of the most energy efficient exterior claddings on the market.

Find more time for the things you enjoy
Products that save us time make good sense. That's why Cedar Peaks Super Polymer Vinyl Siding
is a great choice. Engineered to be virtually maintencance-free, you'll love the beauty and ease of caring for this product.

Beautiful cladding, virtually maintenance-free
All Heartland Siding by ProVia, like Cedar Peaks, requires NO painting or caulking but simply occasional cleaning with mild soapy water. Unlike fiber cement siding, which requires frequent painting and caulking and wood siding which requires frequent painting and staining, our product is virtually maintenance-free.

Exceptional Value, Performance, and Looks -- It's Ultra

Give your home the distinctive good looks and long-lasting beauty of Heartland Ultra Super Polymer Siding.

High on Value, Low on Maintenance

The long-lasting durability of Ultra Super Polymer Siding means your home will keep its charm and value for years to come, with very little exterior maintenance required. Ultra Super Polymer Siding is a beautiful way to help guard the investment you've made in your home.

Fall In Love with the Willowbrook Collection

The long-lasting durability of .042" Willowbrook Super Polymer Siding means your home will keep its charm and value for years to come, with very little exterior maintenance required. Along with its delicate cedar woodgrain finish, Willowbrook is loaded with exceptional features and is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

When you choose a Winner

you choose HeartTech Siding, you've chosen the #1 Siding Best Buy* Our Super Polymer Vinyl Siding is a product that offers real value while giving your home the beauty, style and maintenance-free exterior you need for today's busy lifestyle.

Give Your Home Lasting Curb Appeal

From the soft hues of Birchwood a color in our Lifestyle Collection, to the warm rich tones of Canyon a color in our Signature Collection, we offer HeartTech siding in 22 colors. Our #1 Rated HeartTech line of Super Polymer Siding is formulated to withstand a series of stringent tests* that ensure color richness and beauty is maintained over many years of harsh exposure. 


Give your home the tasteful final touches that pull your whole exterior together with stylish Soffits. Available in an array of designs and profile sizes, Soffits have a soft-brushed finish that complements any wood grain. Best of all, they eliminate the difficult maintenance challenges that come with porches, eaves and overhangs while providing your home with a polished look.
Hearttech Soffit

Woodhaven Soffit
Universal Soffit
Beaded Soffit

Mid South offers you Heartland Siding at our locations in Virginia and Pennsylvania: Springfield, VACharlottesville, VAFredericksburg, VA, Richmond, VA, Winchester, VA, and Camp Hill, PA

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