KOMA Trim Products

Koma Trim Products

Adding exterior trim to a home or structure not only adds curb appeal, but it also can provide architectural individuality. Siding is the essential protective barrier, but the addition of trim is what creates elegance and unique character.

Unlike wood or composites, KOMA Trim Products are produced from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that will not rot, split, swell or release paint in the presence of moisture or harsh environment.

Produced with a unique Celuka extrusion technology, KOMA Trim Products offer the hardest surface in the industry. By virtue of this technology, 18’ to 20’ sheets of incredibly accurate thickness are transformed with a specialized finishing process to produce perfect yield, defect free, uninterrupted boards. During the manufacturing process the surface is “touch sanded” to remove the “plastic look.” The microabraded surface is also the key to KOMA’s industry leading paint adhesion reputation.

Adorn your home or project with KOMA. Add character and individuality, and enjoy decades of durability and low maintenance.

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