Ways With White

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Ways With White

Toward the end of this month, the calendar will declare the spring has sprung. Time will tell if Mother Nature cooperates. Much like we cozy up for fall and winter, spring is a time for throwing open the windows, letting in the sunshine, and making things clean and fresh!

No other color reads clean and fresh like bright, crisp white. As a result, it remains a timeless choice for kitchens. Nothing feels as good as a clean, well-organized kitchen and a simple color palette adds to that sensibility.

White reflects light, both natural and artificial, making the area feel spacious and airy even without changing the footprint or layout of the space.

Modern and contemporary kitchens shine in pure white. With sophistication and sleekness, white can hold its own in an ultra-futuristic design or it can feel warm, welcoming and fresh in a bright sunny 100-year-old farmhouse kitchen.

Most often part of a clean, minimalist design, monochromatic white acts like a canvas – ready for an artist’s deft hand to bring it to life. Bright pops of color in the accessories, a splash of color in the tile, or a bold glass light fixture adds visual interest.

Even the classics enjoy a bit of a modern twist, and timeless white is no exception. One trend gaining momentum is the idea of subtle shifts in shade. Two different whites, only slightly dissimilar act almost light intentional lighting to provide almost imperceptible variance that is delightfully unique.

The popularity of gray brings another option – white upper cabinets and any one of a variety of shades of gray on the lower This strategy captures the freshness of white while grounding the space.

White will always be a simultaneously contemporary and classic choice, open to the possibilities, with countless options for variety making it a very smart choice for resale and still customizable enough to make daily living delightful!

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