Four Steps to a Smarter Home

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Four Steps to a Smarter Home

To make the most of each precious minute of every single day, it is imperative that we work smarter, not harder.  Fortunately, modern innovation and development of technology, has led to some interesting options for doing so.  

At the Consumer Electronics Show, held each January in Las Vegas, 2.6 million net square feet of exhibits showcased companies’ best and brightest ideas, rich with possibility, pushing the envelope of our thinking. Startups and Fortune 100 companies from across the globe exhibited side by side, hoping to offer the next big must have technology.   

What it comes down to for the typical American homeowner is this: what can this product do for me that help me run my life more efficiently, more safely, more enjoyably?  

To that end, here are four trends in smart home products that do just that:  

  1. Hubs – a smart home hub is a device that works to connect the gadgets on a home network and control communication between them. Products like Amazon’s Echo or Alexa, Google Home, Wink’s Hub 2, or Samsung’s SmartThings hub integrate multiple devices and functions.  

  1. Safety and Security – Doorbells outfitted with video and audio capabilities mean that you can be “home” even when you are not, can see and/or hear your visitors from miles away, and monitor your home through your smartphone.  

  1. Light it up – LED lights controlled by a hub, a smartphone app, or switch are energy efficient tools for adding light whenever and wherever needed. Bonus points here include the creative angle – love color? Add it with light!  

  1. Keeping your cool – Thermostats and remotely controlled window blinds offer the potential to reduce heating and cooling bills and maintain comfort with the touch of a button. Several of the thermostats on the market actually learn the living pattern of the family and adapt to match.  

Additional features offering convenience and accessibility in home products include increased automation and the use of touchscreens for control.  

Source: CES

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