Four Fabulous Finishes for 2017

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Four Fabulous Finishes for 2017

At the Kitchen and Bath Industry show held in January at the Orange County Convention Center in sunny Orlando, all the latest trends filled the convention hall and the buzz was all about the looks we expect to see in trend-setting, fashion-forward homes in the coming year.  

Our sources noticed four up-and-coming ideas that will be part of design discussions moving forward, possibility influencing and defining the home fashion history.  

  1. Seeing life in 3-D: Moviegoers have known about the magic of 3-D for years, but three-dimensional applications are gaining in popularity in home design. One of the coolest uses of dimension at this year’s show was 3-D tile. Uniquely gorgeous in its texture, and mesmerizing in its pattern, this is an idea worth playing around with.  

  1. Perfection is over-rated: Another major style trend at this year’s show is the idea of imperfection, finding the beauty in the cracks, the pits, the patina of distressed metal, the history in reclaimed materials. The power of this trend lies in its suitability for perfectly imperfect modern lives in which we discover that maintaining perfection can be absolutely exhausting, and that a little bit of letting go is good for the soul. Replicating this idea in our spaces is a gentle reminder that the important (and often the most beautiful) things in life are not always flawless.  

  1. Make it marble: As we shared last month, one of the hottest trends in home interiors is marble – particularly gorgeous and classic white Carrara marble from Italy and sleek and stunning black Calcutta marble from Spain. So sophisticated, so lovely! 

  1. Create it in concrete: At the other end of the spectrum is the use of concrete for surfaces – both flooring and countertops. While concrete does tend to read more industrial, it is a versatile material that can be warmed with wood and adjusted with color.  

Source: KBBOnline.com 

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