The International Surface Event 2017: Color Stories

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The International Surface Event 2017: Color Stories

The International Surface Event was held during the third week of January at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. The event is the largest display of floor coverings, natural and engineered stone, and tile in the world.

Architects and designers, builders and fabricators, retailers and distributors, general contractors and restoration professionals, and kitchen/bath specialists gather to explore the newest trends, the latest innovations, and the engineering marvels at this multi-industry show.

One of the stories from the 2017 TISE show was that of color and design. The 2017 color stories from TISE include:  

Rewired Humanity

  • Designs inspired by this trend are all about merging our lives with technology while simultaneously maintaining our humanness. Dominant colors from this narrative include sunny yellow, warm toned gray, cobalt blue, and a middle of the pack orange.

  • Surface implications of this idea include smart materials, softer textures, and the subtle glow of a satin finish. In some ways, it is about softening the hard edges of technology to reconnect with people.


  • With as busy and active as modern life is, sometimes we need to be able to unplug and recharge. Quietude seems to be about finding moments of calm, escaping the 24/7/365 inundation of information, and slipping into colors that comfort.

  • The colors of this narrative are muted and pale, serene and soft. Gentle white, quiet neutrals, transparent blues and greens, lavender and rose.

  • The lines and shapes that tell this story are rounded and smooth, a clear pushback to the hard edges of the world.

Rainbow Bright

  • Juxtaposed with the other two color/design trends is that of bright bold color. We crave exhilaration in modern life, and while we need respite from the world at times, other times we need to embrace the experience.

  • This trend is all about upbeat and joyful colors, glossy shine, and warm gold.  Texture adds to the experience, and layering of tactile and visual stimuli is a hallmark of this idea.


Source: Tisewest.com


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