Tuck Away the Bar Cart – Build a Bar

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Tuck Away the Bar Cart – Build a Bar


A super hot trend in 2016 was a portable bar cart. The cart offered homeowners the option to tuck away the cocktail ingredients when not entertaining. The glassware had to be stored elsewhere, the accessories another place. Gathering the party pieces took some time, and space was severely limited.

Enter 2017’s upscale trend – a built in bar. This home upgrade brings everything needed for a posh party into one permanent and prominent space. It can be customized to a homeowner’s unique tastes and space requirements, and it offers a huge level of convenience for those who love to entertain with a classic cocktail party.

A built in bar is perfectly situated in the kitchen, the family room, or a basement built for entertaining. Careful planning ensures that the bar area meet the needs of the user -- and does so with a sense of style!

Points to ponder when making built in bar plans:

  • Wet bar or dry bar? If plumbing is available, the convenience of a wet bar is ideal. Small-scale sinks are available in a variety of finishes with fixtures intended to amp up the wow factor.

  • Countertop construction?  Tile countertops can be a budget friendly option, but they tend to be difficult to keep clean. Solid surface laminate, marble, or granite are smart choices for a space that will see lots of cleanup.

  • Backsplash design? Depending on the desired end result, ceramic tile, glass tile, metal sheeting, or even stone are options.

  • Lighting? Pendant lights over the bar, under cabinet lighting, or backlit glass for some high drama!

  • Quality cabinetry? A huge bonus in a built in bar area is the storage capacity. Installing quality cabinetry in a layout that makes sense maximizes the storage space.

  • Appliances? For convenience, consider adding a refrigerator, ice machine, dishwasher, or even wine storage unit.

Add some accessories and the place is ready for a party!


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